Art House

Commonwealth, Quezon City
1 Bedroom Condominium Unit
The Art House is a colorful haven for a young couple who want a unique concept for their vacation home.

Bursting with colors, the mix of pink, yellow, teal, and lime green expressed the fun personalities of the homeowners. Their love for art — from paintings to Kaws figures to vinyl records — served as the foundation for the design and completed this maximalist approach.

Art lovers will surely guess the artists that the couple commissioned for their lovely unit. Indeed, this is a coloring book coming to life.

Casa Guron

Parola, Cainta Rizal
1 Bedroom House
The Chisaii Uchi or Little House Project is a Japanese-Filipino inspired home for a young couple residing in Cainta Rizal.
The combination of different materials such as wood, metal, mirrors and soft material produced a cozy atmosphere that made the house a serene home which has a rich history for the owners. Aside from creating aesthetic and design statements, Japanese-Filipino fusion showcased the family spirit: welcoming, humble, and familiar yet delightful of its achievements and progressive journey – a tapestry of meaningful experiences. The design is in line with what Vero strives for – to improve people’s lives.

Casa Falgui

Uptown Parksuites, Taguig City
1 Bedroom Condominium Unit
The client — a law student, toy collector, and gamer — wanted a space where he can express his love for collecting toys. Our team created a multifunctional space with convertible built-in furniture and lots of cabinets to organize his toy collection and other stuff.
Following a modern retro style, we selected light colors for general finishes (cabinets, walls, and ceiling treatments) to complement the array of colors and patterns displayed within the space.

Casa Pabustan

Calathea Place, Para￱aque City
Scandinavian functionality, coupled with Japanese rustic minimalism, creates a perfect blend of function and form. We focused on clean lines, bright spaces, natural materials, and keeping the space clutter-free and movement-friendly despite its small floor area.

Casa Bacolod


Inspired by Manhattan-style apartments, this 22 sqm studio exudes both masculine and calming vibes. Dark brick walls give it an edgy feel, softened by the wood panels, making it perfect for a quick but relaxing escape.

Deviating from the Scandinavian and Japanese trends, this space is all about celebrating boldness. It also cleverly transforms to suit the owner’s needs. A double bed and sofa bed maximize sleeping arrangements for up to six, while a flip-down table transforms the living area into a workspace or dining room. Mirrors in the kitchen add a final touch of spaciousness, making this tiny condo feel like a true urban oasis.

La Cresta Beach House

Tali Beach, Batangas
Batong Bahay. A Spanish style inspired house with a modern twist. A literal stone house using materials that mimic the surface of a rock while incorporating wood, organic elements, earth tones, and lots of natural light. Like the Filipino family spirit, this home exudes pride with warmth. Grounded and unshakeable but welcoming and familiar.

Gadiano Residence

Muntinlupa, Philippines
Property type: 3-bedroom bungalow
Service provided: full interior design
Aesthetic meets function in this modern Japanese-Scandinavian inspired 3-bedroom bungalow in Muntinlupa. Light and earth tones lend warmth and transform the space into a cozy, inviting home. Black faux brick walls and wooden panels and furniture add texture and character.

Dela Peña Residence

 Bulacan, Philippines
Property type: 3-bedroom house
Service provided: full interior design
Neu Wave. Retro meets modern in the neutral wave, a style promoting the power of neutrals, stillness, and calm ambiance.
For this project, we played with muted colors and undertones — beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black and white — and mixed in some mid-century modern elements to create a relaxing and timeless look. Natural materials like wood and rattan added warmth while textured fabrics and strategically-placed accessories lent depth to the space.

Lachica Residence

Acacia Estates, Taguig City, Philippines
Property type: 3-bedroom condo unit
Service provided: full interior design
Practical design solutions and smart storage planning turned this small space into a functional yet stylish home. One flooring material was used throughout the whole house, making it look more expansive. Off-white walls and mirrors also helped make the space look more spacious. Plenty of storage units, mostly hidden, eliminate clutter. The owners’ characters and styles showed through splashes of colors and quirky accents in the bedrooms.

Sucapen-Esguerra Residence

Las Piñas, Philippines
Property type: 2-bedroom house
Service provided: full interior design
Peaceful simplicity and modest but efficient design inspired by Japanese mid-century style. With an open floor plan on the first level for efficient and smart use of a small area. Wooden elements give the space a sense of balance, harmony, and zen, while other patterns and design elements give it subtle texture.


Balai Hardin

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
Property type: pension house
Service provided: full renovation, refurbishing, furnishing, decorations, rebranding 
Tropical and peacock-inspired hues, with wood furnishings and locally-made decors that give the place a warm “old Palawan” feel.

Tiki Resto Bar El Nido

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Property type: bar & restaurant
Service provided: full interior design
Combines exotic and tropical vibes (reminiscent of South Pacific destinations like Hawaii, Polynesia, and Oceania) with a modern design approach. Load-bearing wooden pillars as accent beams and an industrial look achieved through exposed polished cement floors and exposed ceilings. Natural and local materials tied the whole space together.

Binduyan Pines

KM 77, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
Property type: rest house / resort and events place
Service provided: full interior design
Tropical abode featuring the client’s collection of travel souvenirs. Our challenge was to incorporate these items in the interiors without overwhelming the space, maintaining balance and ensuring that everything is in its right place.

House of Unicorns Cafe

Marikina City, Philippines
Property type: restaurant/cafe
Service provided: full interior design and branding
Dressed in pastel colors — from walls to the chairs to the shelves and peppered with unicorn plushies and decor, this cafe gives off dreamy vibes.

Seoul Station

Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines
Property type: restaurant
Service provided: full interior design
Combines industrial style with vibrant, colorful palettes to achieve a modern and lively ambience. With an exposed ceiling and modern lighting fixtures give off an industrial feel, complemented with appetite-inducing colors such as red and yellow and patterned tiles and murals to liven up the space.


Hooked Up Fashion and Detox Bar

Katipunan, Quezon City, Philippines
Property type: retail boutique
Service provided: full interior design
Incorporated trendy elements and bold patterns, marrying different chair styles and patterned fabrics to create a youthful vibe.


Industrial Oasis

Paseo De Magallanes, Makati City, Philippines
An office or a coffee shop? The brief was to create a space of security and comfort, not only for the employees but for clients as well. Designed in collaboration with IDr. Jesse Tud, this place embodies the heart and essence of building a home and family. The splash of color that radiates alongside the warmth of earth tones creates an atmosphere of life and excitement.

Featuring urban neutrals, wood, textured concrete wall and sleek metals, this workspace exudes raw charm and functionality. With ergonomic furniture, lush greenery, and artful decor, it’s a dynamic and inspiring environment where creativity thrives.

Kerplunk Studios Zizmore

Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines
Property type: office
Service provided: full interior design
Plenty of natural light and white as the dominant color gave this office space a relaxing vibe. To foster creativity and productivity and break monotony, brand colors (teal, aquamarine, and cerulean) were added. Wood and natural elements were also added to infuse warmth and texture.

Open space planning helped open up the space and promote better traffic flow, increased collaboration, and improved company culture. To maintain a clutter-free working environment, we applied design solutions such as smart and stylish shelving acts and an overall minimalist approach.

Office of Building Official

Parañaque City Hall, Philippines
Property type: government office
Service provided: styling/furnishings
A cozy office that infuses homely aesthetics.

This contemporary and eclectic room embraces color. The use of green in furniture and accents create a comforting and harmonious vibe. Plants also helped add texture while adding a fresh and clean feel.

The 3-seater sofa, easy chairs, and wishbone chairs provide optimal comfort for guests while adding character and depth to this workspace. A rug defines the space, too.

We placed a good mix of hidden storage to eliminating clutter and exposed shelves for displaying decor. Curtains and trinkets scattered throughout the room livens up the space. Placing the desk on the window side (with the window just behind the user) ensures productivity without the eye strain.